Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bush Pardoned Bin Laden?


I couldn't believe someone asked why President Obama wasn't ignoring the whole inauguration celebration as if any other president is allowed to do so. There is a social agenda that he has to handle. All the news people are asking each other what he is going to do and answering each other what he is going to do as if they work in the white house. Ever since the campaign ended they have nothing solid to talk about so they are using conjecture as if it is news. I was excited to see the Obamas get out of the limousine and just think, no one threw eggs. No one shot at him, no one did anything like the threats I have heard. I have a message for the news media:
WAIT UNTIL HE DOES SOMETHING TO MAKE AN ISSUE OUT OF IT. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE IS THINKING OR DOING SINCE HE HASN'T HAD A CHANCE YET. AND THOSE OF YOU WHO DO ARE NO BETTER THAN THE THINGS YOU ACCUSE YOUR COMPETITION OF. He is working today and that is soon enough. He didn't go play golf the day after like someone else that I won't mention. He has inherited a huge amount of problems left over from the previous years and he seems anxious to start working on them. He is going to see what he can do first and go from there. Everyone talked about Michelle's dress, Beyonce singing the Etta James classic "At Last", and the food and festivities. Today started out with the three main banks asking for more money. The problem? The same guys were at the wheel up until today. NOW: A PERSONAL NOTE TO AN EDITORIALIST AT THE NEW YORK TIMES:
Today I read the "How long will the Obama honeymoon last?" article by some Pundit at the NYT website where this poor scared Repubican tried to accuse Obama of not doing anything yet because, as he is trying to say that the American People's expectations should be like this: "Given the excitement in Washington this week, one would think that with inauguration of Barack Obama— and the departure of George W. Bush— the economy is about to spring back to life, the troops are all on their way home from Iraq, there will be health care coverage for all and, to quote a certain Obama foe turned Obama Secretary of State, “celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect.”

Let me say one thing. We elected this man after he said it would take awhile, maybe 4 years to undo the problems the Bush administration did. What part of that didn't you understand? Are you stupid or do you think WE ALL HAVE ALTZHEIMERS? Now, think about this. You are guilty of trying to minimize the excitement of the inaugural. Do you need a hug? Here, I have an idea. Go get a cup of hot cocoa and your teddy bear, put on your favorite jammies, and go sit in your big chair, and QUIT BEING AFRAID OF CHANGE. Being negative only makes you look stupid. And, as we will point out, your past mental geniuses caused this whole mess and ran away the way Republicans always do despite the fact that they were told 7 and 1/2 years ago that this would be the result if we continued this direction. They chose to ignore that and spend more money than any other of the loose cannons in Washington, including L.B.J. Then they tried to say that Clinton started the Bush financial problems when we all know that there was NO National Debt and We had a Surplus in the economy which they quickly filled their pockets with sweetheart deals with the military and Haliburton. That is known as WAR PROFITEERING. The same reason the Arabs wish for us to be in Iraq instead of in Afghanistan. They are protecting oil and the war in Iraq was decided before 9-11 which they were warned about by the F.B.I. in advance. Now, I will agree that Obama doesn't have experience screwing things up. He, today, finally is doing something about Washington lobbyist that NO ONE BEFORE HIM HAD THE GUTS TO DO. And if the news I get is correct then, Obama has done more this morning than George Bush/Dick Cheney did in a year.
So, if you have ANYTHING MORE TO SAY about our president, use some respect.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No News Is Better Than Fiction

To those of you who are already back to reporting news, I wish to thank you. To those of you who are still assuming you know what President-elect Obama is "going to do" and are reporting that as if you are psychic instead of psycho, I have a different thing to say, "Shut up, you moron!" That especially includes Fox News. Especially the pieces like ones predicting a baby boom to the ones which ask the right-wing idiots who read Fox News online to elect Obama's Cabinet for him. Now when the right-wing idiot doesn't get his way, he has one more reason to know how wrong he was, but people like that don't realize when they are wrong.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Can't Believe This Crap!

Since after the election the news commentators have become so bored they are talking about Obama as if he has already taken office. Some are making snide comments about his leadership style, even though George Bush is still in office. I heard someone talking about his, "Whuzzup, Dude". (Some old guys really don't know what racist stereotype comments like that make most of us feel like, I guess.) I wonder, does he really think the rest of the world doesn't realize he ran out of things to report, so, in order to justify a paycheck, let's attack the leadership style of someone who hasn't taken office yet. He isn't leading sh*t, yet!" You can't think of anything better to say about the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review except to try to make him sound like a street person. ARE YOU REALLY THAT BORED? Why don't you go take your old a** out a construction jobsite and make that racially stereotypical comment around some real men.
Wed. November 26th, 2008. Now I have to listen to how Obama is not doing anything, then how he is doing too much since he isn't really president yet. The press isn't being informative, they are trying to justify a paycheck. They need to lay down and shut up until they actually have something to report. I am glad Obama won't give them an exclusive report. When he keeps them guessing, then we can all go home and listen to them make up what they "THINK" he is doing without really knowing sh*t! That shows how stupid they really are.