Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Can't Believe This Crap!

Since after the election the news commentators have become so bored they are talking about Obama as if he has already taken office. Some are making snide comments about his leadership style, even though George Bush is still in office. I heard someone talking about his, "Whuzzup, Dude". (Some old guys really don't know what racist stereotype comments like that make most of us feel like, I guess.) I wonder, does he really think the rest of the world doesn't realize he ran out of things to report, so, in order to justify a paycheck, let's attack the leadership style of someone who hasn't taken office yet. He isn't leading sh*t, yet!" You can't think of anything better to say about the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review except to try to make him sound like a street person. ARE YOU REALLY THAT BORED? Why don't you go take your old a** out a construction jobsite and make that racially stereotypical comment around some real men.
Wed. November 26th, 2008. Now I have to listen to how Obama is not doing anything, then how he is doing too much since he isn't really president yet. The press isn't being informative, they are trying to justify a paycheck. They need to lay down and shut up until they actually have something to report. I am glad Obama won't give them an exclusive report. When he keeps them guessing, then we can all go home and listen to them make up what they "THINK" he is doing without really knowing sh*t! That shows how stupid they really are.

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